Instruments & sensors

A lot of various instruments and sensors are used on the experimental site, installed underground, on the soil surface, on tree stems or on the tower structure, within or above the canopy.

List of sensors and instruments in use

Type of measurement Trademark Model Variable Location
EddyFlux Gill R350 Windspeed in 3D 2.5m
EddyFlux LiCor LI7500 Open path CO2 & H2O analyzer 2.5m
Tair and RH Thies Clima Hygro-Thermo x2 Air temperature and relative humidity 1.5m
Soil water content profile Delta-t ML3 x1 SWC -1cm,-10cm, -15cm
Tsoil Profile Campbellsci PT100/3 x3 Soil Temperature -20cm, -20cm,-1cm
Soil heat flux HukseFlux HFP01SC x2 Density -5cm
Radiation Kipp & Zonen CNR4 Net radiation 3m
Radiation LiCor Li190 PAR radiation, Incoming and reflected x2 3m
Air pressure Vaisala PTB210+SPH10 Air pressure 1m
Precipitation Thies clima Precipitation Transmitter Total rainfall 1m of soil

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